Eidsness Funeral Home
1617 Orchard Drive
Brookings, SD 57006


1617 Orchard Dr.  P.O. Box 704
Brookings, SD 57006
phone: 605-692-6384
fax: 605-692-1933

Terry Spitzenberger and Mitch Steinhoff, Funeral Directors

The Eidsness Funeral Home logo was carefully designed using symbols of life to depict death as a part of the continuum of life.
Evergreens, symbols of eternal life, stand tall beside a stream of gently flowing water. The circle of life is broken, but the river runs on to form an unbroken, everlasting circle of infinity.
The sun can be seen as setting or rising: setting, symbolic of the end of an earthly life, and rising, as a sign of new beginnings and new life.